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A. The best strategic planning incorporates strategies and knowledge "bubbled up" from around the enterprise, as well as key external information and individuals who have an influence on the organization's goods and services.

A.Growing a company entails making several decisions on how to improve the activities. It will assist you in developing a concrete vision for your company's future which, as a result, will maximize your company's capacity for success.

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A.These two words, which are sometimes used interchangeably, are not the same. A logo is simply a visual identifier for a company. It may be a visual illustration, a typographic representation of the brand, or a hybrid of the two. However, a visual identity is a wider term that encompasses all of the visual components that comprise a brand's look and sound. It consists of the logo, color palette, fonts, image type, layouts, and every other graphic feature that supports the company (business cards, packaging, etc). A brand style guide outlines both of these features.

A.Digital marketing is the practice of marketing your business to people using Internet-connected electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Such as shifting your brand on the digital platform. To communicate with prospects and clients, digital marketing relies on platforms such as search engines, social media, email, blogs, and smartphones.

A.Our process is very collaborative, and when working on your branding, we provide you with different packages for design concepts to choose from and up to 3 rounds of revisions on your chosen one.

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